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About Us

Coven Connections are a group of Pagans and Witches bound together in sharing the same vision: to unite the Pagan, Witch and general communities and help support each other in our rapidly changing world. We aim to do this by building a new community for all, whereby we educate and foster the skills necessary to sustain our physical and mental wellbeing. 



Our mission is to bring Pagans together and bring us out of the broom cupboard! We aim to build a community village with land to provide services and resources for the local community, as well as promoting our teachings from the Covens to the wider public.


Our vision is to bring back a sense of community, not just for Pagans, but for all. Pagan means 'of the village', so with this in mind, we wish to reclaim our traditional roles as helpers and healers for the community. Our aspiration is to do this within purpose-built centres at dedicated sites we are collectively calling 'The Village'.