Experts in Holistic and Spiritual Events in and around Liverpool


Coven Connections run holistic and spiritual events across the North West, with an aim to open community centres/villages to support people with their physical and mental wellbeing.

We want to break the stigma of Pagans and Witches within the UK and bring back a sense of togetherness and self-esteem.

Our centres will be for all the community to enjoy, with therapeutic gardens, animals and discounted health treatments. 

What we offer

  • The Burning Witch Festival

  • Psychic Nights

  • Mini Market Events

  • Holistic and Spiritual days  

  • Event Nights

  • Education and Workshops

  • Holistic Treatments

  • Membership packages 

  • Spell Boxes

  • Online shop (Coming Soon)

  • Birthday charts/Day of the Year

  • Tarot Worksheets 

  • Online Events and Workshops

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